Where do you stick it?

June 3rd, 2008 by ymendel 1 comment »

Sitting in PDX airport right now, getting over the varied hectic/relaxing RailsConf trip, waiting on some schnitzel.

Hey, that’s shorter than 140 characters. Maybe I could sign up for this twitter thing.

Anyway, we had things on our minds other than reporting on progress, so the posts will be trickling in post-conf.

In standard consultancy/internet start-up style, we don’t have an office. We didn’t need lots of capital. All we needed was our knowledge, our computers, and connectivity. And luck and connections, apparently. Our business has almost entirely been word-of-mouth, playing on who we knew or could get in a meeting with. Eventually, we were pointed towards a design company that needed some work, and during those meetings (which were a blast because they are some awesome people) we started talking about what they could do for us as well.

After some interesting insight into the customer side of the creative process, we ended up with some sweet business cards and shirts. That’s right, shirts. We wanted our first speaking engagement to be a hit, and we figured if nothing else would do it, at least we could bribe people with free shirts.

Actually, we really just wanted a few of these shirts for ourselves and were going to use something like Cafepress before we were steered towards a different design (which turned out to be just like Haml’s logo) and a actual human shirt maker.

We printed up a limited run and they were a big hit. Thanks to court3nay (that’s Mr. Caboose to you), I have a picture of one in action.

That’s me telling Chris Wanstrath (of err the blog and github fame), who I consider the Crown Prince of sticking it in vendor, that even though all we had on us was a single large, we’d pick up a medium from the hotel room and get it to him. That never happened, so that is a picture of me lying to Chris Wanstrath.

Sorry, Chris. I think DHH got your shirt.

There seemed to be more demand than we anticipated (or really we just organized our first shirt run badly) and a few people missed out. Some of those were people who wanted a shirt, and some of those were just people that we wanted to give a shirt to. We can pull a Threadless and save up some orders until it’s worth printing some more.

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  1. rick Says:

    It’s fun trying to explain the shirt to non programmers around town. Though not as fun as the github ‘fork you’ shirt.

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